It’s A Jersey Thing

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What’s indicative of this hobby truly coming out of nowhere is not that it took me 41 year to make it to Vegas, but that it took me 45 to get to Atlantic City. I lived less than three hours from At... Read More

A Little Less Conversation!

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Over the course of the previous twenty years there have not been many weekends that I could just drop what I was doing and head out of town without clearing with someone first. But Columbus Day weeken... Read More

Me, Myself & I-95

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August 2012, enter perfect storm. My girlfriend and I just broke up, I had lots of vacation time left with a use it or lose it vacation policy and had a new found discovery that visiting casinos isn�... Read More

Serendipity Happens!

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There was one more unforeseen event that would align the stars, so to speak. It takes place in the context of the last trip I took with my daughters while still in high school (at least one of them st... Read More

Wait, What?

‘What was your last Casino?’,   ‘Did you win anything?’,   ‘Where to next?’,   ‘How many Casinos are you up to?’,   ‘How much did you lose?’,   ‘I’m headed to (fill i... Read More